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Aug 19 2016

Seller Status Level Badges


Welcome to the site relaunch.  I’m Xander, owner of NeonVisual Ltd and a self-taught CGI artist. We’re currently in beta testing to iron out bugs and making sure that all the features work as intended.
It’s been a very busy 5 months working with our fantastic developers esolz technologies to completely rebuild the site from the ground up. The work they’ve put in to the build is immense and I couldn’t be happier with the results!
The main difference between the previous site and this site? Now anyone can join to sell their own digital content, be it a video tutorial, 3D models, a sound FX pack, a fan series, or video VFX sequences! You can use the website to pretty much sell any (legal) digital content you create, or browse through the site and see what’s on offer.
People won’t have to make the journey I have over the last few years of building up a subscriber list and building a website, managing it and sending email shots (and paying for it) while somehow finding time to actually be creative and figure out where I can go to keep improving my work. I’ve had to pretty much put animation on hold for 5 months while time has been devoted to the rebuild. I want everyone to have a shortcut through that crap so you can get on with the business of collaborating and improving your skills in a place where you can socialise with people of a similar mindset, at all skill levels, and in just the right area of work you specialise in.  Why shouldn't you make some money along the way to help you fund your personal development?  You might be a complete noob or a seasoned creative professional already selling content on other websites.

Getting down to bid'ness…

If you click the “categories” link on the nav bar above this blog you’ll see the full list of categories currently in beta. We will be adding and removing some categories throughout beta mode, so if you think you specialise in an area not already covered then feel free to drop us a line with your suggestion to sellersupport@neonvisual.com.
Chances are right now that you are one of the 60 launch member who have signed up to the beta and been patiently waiting these past few months. To you guys thank you for waiting and your enthusiasm. We’ll be in continual contact throughout beta testing as it’s vital we tailor the site’s functions, commission structure and forum around your needs, as you are the people who will help guide us to the fully launched site in a few weeks’ time! We’ll have some special treats ready then too.

Some astute people will have already realised that the website has been intentionally designed to mirror the dark tones of major creative apps such as the Adobe suite and 3D packages. This not only allows for richer colour to highlight products, but also doesn’t blind the eye to darker sections of images and videos, as is often found with YouTube who inexplicably continue to use blinding white pages! This is why many creative apps also use these dark tones, particularly where photography, graphics and colour grading is important. Indeed most such production studios will have the facility to black out all external light entering the studio and work only with the illumination of the displays themselves. 

To compliment this we’ve added subtle colour highlights to specific areas and functionality of the site, and you’ll soon learn that product upload and management functions are red, product pages royal blue, blogs (like this one) purple, cyan for all your account management pages, white for checkout and yellow for search results.   It basically means we can remove all the usual skeuomorphic elements and buttons which often clutter up websites, so all we are left with are the official icons/logos of the various software packages in our categories and your product images/videos.  

Buyers who come to the site over the next few weeks will either be the steady trickle from the previous version of NeonVisual, or subscribers to the existing Facebook and YouTube accounts wanting to see the results of the rebuild, of which there are around 25,000 subs in total. We need to decide on a few technical aspects to ensure we have the right hosting bandwidth and other boring things like our terms of use and legal docs, so we’ll be periodically asking for feedback on everything from page load times to bug reporting, any downtime experienced etc.  When the site goes out of beta and ready to rock and roll in the big wide world we’ll then begin SEO and advertising to really draw in the creative community. 

The Forum

While we’re still in beta mode we’re also developing the forum which brings together buyers, content creators and visitors alike.  It’s a place for everyone to interact. You might want to place a tutorial about to use your products, chat with others to help develop your own products and skills and give advice to others, join a specialist “minecraft” or “doctor who” thread, or just join a general discussion and see what everyone’s talking about. If someone else lacks a skill which you have, or you lack a skill someone else has, the forum is the place to chat away to your heart’s content to problem solve and increase your own skillset.
The forum will tie in closely with the main website, so if you’re a content creator and you gain selling experience you’ll move up our “seller status levels”.  You’ll also gain extra forum privileges and abilities, not to mention badges to show your outstanding commitment to helping others achieve their best and refining your products as you go.

Seller Status Levels

Speaking of seller status levels.. you’ll see these on both product pages and seller profile pages (and in the little pictire on the right of this blog). You can move up the ranks by successfully selling products on the website, by increasing your average sale price and by sustaining a good feedback rating from your buyers. In return you’ll get the ability to add far more products, larger upload space and a few other neat little tools which will help you maximise your potential by focusing your attention on offering irresistible products to your buyers. During beta testing you  will be helping us decide upon assigning specific requirements for each status level and the privileges each one provides. We can also manually review and place sellers at any level based upon individual requirements if a one-to-one review shows that a particular privilege might benefit a seller’s creative portfolio. 


A higher seller status level not only displays on your products to give buyers confidence in you, but you’ll also be rewarded with higher commission amounts on the products you sell. As a base rate every seller receives a 45% rate of commission on everything sold through the site, which is higher than most other multi-vendor creative sites. In fact, may other sites will also only offer you a 40% maximum commission rate if you only sell on their site (we wont mention any names). We don’t believe in that, you can still sell on other websites if you like, but you’ll probably be getting a lower commission rate from them and it makes sense to point your buyers to us instead!


We then go one step further by offering even higher commission rates as your seller status level increases. While we’re in beta mode everything is set to 45% while we ensure transactions are processing correctly and can build up sales metrics to ensure we end up giving the most competitive commission rates upward of 45%. At a guess I’d say right now the aim is to offer a max of 65% for top level sellers, but we don’t want to make it an impossible dream to achieve that, so beta testing will help us define those higher commission rates at attainable levels for the best content creators. 
When a buyer purchases one of your products you will be sent your commission via PayPal instantly. There’s no waiting around for the end of the next month for a payment run, that doesn’t motivate anyone, but casually browsing the net and then getting an email notification from PayPal of a payment made to you at any time of the day or night is always a nice feeling.
Managing your account

For sellers, we’ve created several management pages for you to look after your products, pages, pictures, profiles and modify anything you need to, delete the products that you want to replace with something better, and see all the individual sales you’ve made and the commission payments from them. You can access those pages by clicking your name at the top right of the screen and your tabs will open. You’ll also see we have a notification centre just to the left of your name. Whenever you sell a product, increased your seller level, or admin have made a new blog specifically for sellers, this is where you’ll be notified, whether you’re on the site at the time, or when you next log back in.
For buyers you can also manage your purchases by clicking your name at the top of the page. Whenever you make a purchase you’ll be able to re-download as many times as you like for a 30 day period. This is handy if you download something and lose the file later on. You can just come back and download it again through your buyer account management pages.

We always recommend that you keep a backup of your purchase somewhere, as after the 30 day period you’ll no longer be able to download it again, however you can still log in and see your past purchases beyond 30 days in the same way. Part of the reason for doing this is that sellers can remove or update products if they want to. 
Even if a seller deos remove a product tomorrow you’ll still have 30 days to download, but to keep every single version of every single product sold on the site indefinably would go in to unaffordable realms of server storage in no time. For sellers it’s a great opportunity to revisit any previous products you sold but have since refined your technique and want to offer a better “2.0” product. It’s very satisfying for a buyer to come back to the site in a few months after following your improvements in the forum which they gave feedback on and be wowed by your stunning improvements available to them!
It’s also handy as a buyer if you want to see what else your seller has created since your last log in or purchase. You won’t have to remember their username as it will all be there in your purchase history and you can click through to your favourite sellers to see their current portfolio on the site and see if your feedback has been acted upon.
Once again, thank you to our currently onboarding beta testers, and a warm welcome to new site visitors. We hope you like the new site, it’s taken a lot of work to go from draft ideas to carefully crafted Photoshop designs, colour coded pages and imaginary features in to bringing it all together in a fully functional site (and a really good backend admin panel created by esolz). I’ve also expanded the class 42 sections of the trademark “NeonVisual” to encompasses the new site offerings (we can now display a little “R” next to the logo too and have certain legal protections).
We’re really looking forward to seeing a wide range of products appearing over the coming weeks and finalising the site ready for full-fat launch soon. I must also send out my thanks and appreciation for all the help freely given and in generous quantities by Tony Cee. You’ll find him on the site under NXVisual Studio where he (rather skilfully) specialises in a wide range of video and audio content and some awesome tutorials for all skill levels. Check out his work!
That’s all from me (Xander) for now. If you’re a launch member helping us with beta keep an eye open for notifications of further blogs until the forum is in place and we’ll have somewhere a bit more interactive to discuss things moving forward.

Toodle pip chums!

Sep 5 2016

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